“You treat this place like a hotel”

Since being back at home after living away for 3 years it does feel a bit odd having rules again. I live with my Mum, Dad and brother, my parents aren’t strict at all but as it is their house I respect it and don’t abuse the freedom they have given me. They haven’t set any rules as such but I know, as I’m sure you do, what would be considered as crossing the line. I am 22 after all so can do as I please as long as I’m not throwing parties every week and making lots of noise.

Since starting my most recent placement in London I have been incredibly busy! Hence the title, my Mum claims I treat this home like a hotel. If you haven’t heard the saying before it basically means I come and go as I please and stop for food, washing and sleep.

After work, which I don’t get home until about 7:30, I will eat then go to the gym, see friends or my girlfriend. A normal week after 7:30pm would be:

  • Monday: Eat (at home) then gym
  • Tuesday: Go out for dinner with my friends
  • Wednesday: Eat, gym then to my girlfriends
  • Thursday: Meet a friend in London for a few drinks
  • Friday: Eat, go out for the night.

So I normally only see my family for a few hours in the evenings each week, and normally its just when I’m home for dinner.IMG_0573

My weekends have varied, some are relaxed and I do actually get to spend some quality time with my family or seeing Nans, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. I recently visited Amsterdam for a long weekend which was incredible, an amazing city and I would recommend it to anyone. I went with 2 friends from secondary school that I have kept in contact with whilst away at university. I won tickets to see a QPR football match so invited a friend from uni that I hadn’t seen since graduation. On Saturday I had a ‘big night out with the lads’ in London, again I saw some old friends I had kept in contact with whilst away, so it was great to see them. Tonight I’m going to see U2 at the O2 in London with a college friend.


So as you can see I have been rather active which has made me completely knackered especially whilst working but I love being busy and seeing lots of friends instead of spending every night watching tele.