Halloween! Quick and Easy Last Minute Ideas

students dressed up for halloween

So it’s that time again of dressing up, partying and going trick or treating with younger siblings/family members. If you’re anything like me you’ll leave costume ideas to the very last minute and end up spending hours on Youtube trying to find the perfect look for you that can go with clothes you already own. Here are a few ideas of some last minute costumes:

  1. Barnacle Boy- Grab a sailor hat, some long washing purple or blue washing up gloves, a burgundy top, black shorts, long boots and finish it off with a blue bandana around your neck.
  2. Vampire- ALL BLACK! Black leather jacket, black top, black jeans and black ankle boots with a bit of fake blood around your mouth just to add that extra kick.
  3. Princess- Pick out the fluffiest and biggest dress in your wardrobe that you own, team up with some cute shoes and add a tiara (plastic if you’re not going for full glam lol)
  4. Fairy- Put on a cute dress that you own with some cute shoes and put on some wings!
  5. Emoji- This one is due to conjure up a few giggles. Wear an all yellow outfit if you’re going for one of the smiley’s or if you even have an outfit with emoji’s on it that’s even better! Print out your chosen emoji and use it as a mask.
  6. An Angel- Wear an all white outfit (preferably a dress), team up with some white heels and get yourself some white wings and a halo!
  7. Devil- Wear an all red outfit with red heels or shoes and get some red devil horns!
  8. Kylie Jenner- I know ALOT of females (and some males) will be going as Kylie Jenner this year. If you want that signature Kylie pout grab two nude lipliners, one darker than the other and overline your lips with the darker pencil and fill in with the lighter pencil, add some gloss if you don’t like the matte look or you can even use liquid lipsticks. There are plenty of Kylie makeup tutorials on Youtube if you want the full glam look. For an outfit you can wear a dress similar to Kylie’s red dress that everyone fell in love with (including me). Kylie’s is from H&M for $50 however Boohoo and Missguided have similar dresses. Add some knee length boots or nude heels and you’re all set!

    Kylie Jenner Red Dress: http://www.cambio.com/2015/04/01/kylie-jenners-red-dress-is-surprisingly-affordable/
    Kylie Jenner Red Dress:

I hope these ideas have helped someone who may be struggling with ideas or has been invited to a Halloween party last minute. Be safe and have fun!