Student Vegetarian Meals – Pasta, Leek and “Bacon”

the finished item of food

Being a vegetarian and a university student can be quite daunting. I love to cook but I know that not everybody really does enjoy cooking like I do. So I thought I would show you some of my favourite vegetarian meals that I make on my student budget! This one is probably on the more expensive side because of the pasta but you can just use cheap pasta (I just thought I would treat myself!) and can also be made with actual bacon and not just quorn bacon! This is one of my favourite meals from home and I thought I would share it with you!

packet of pastaStart off by putting some water on to boil ready for your pasta to go in! I went for a Salisbury’s Taste The Difference Lumaconi pasta that was £1.25 for 500g and will actually last me a while! I measure my pasta by putting it into one of my mugs. This gives you enough pasta to fill you up without cooking too much pasta and it’s my favourite way to measure out the pasta!

pack of leeksWhilst the water is boiling, you can begin to prepare the rest of the meal! As you can see I bought a three pack of leeks that cost £1,these can go into a variety of other meals and I am looking forward to experimenting with the other two! For this recipe you will need just one of the leeks. You can wash it if you would like and then you need to chop the ends off and bin them! Begin slicing the leek and don’t worry about cutting it more than that as it will break up as you fry it!

packet of quorn bacon - 3 rashers

This is where you can use regular bacon oras I do use a bacon substitute as I don’t actually eat meat! Although I have a little stash of quorn,I don’t really tend to buy Quorn bacon as I don’t really like it on it’s own but I found it worked really well in this recipe! I find that the Sainsbury’s Superstore in Stoke is really amazing with their variety of quorn products! The bacon cost £1.75 and the majority of quorn was on offer when I went in there! You need to chop your bacon into small pieces and then add that and the leeks to a frying pan with a drop of oil until they are cooked. Then remove them from the heat and put them to the side! By this point you can probably put the pasta in and cook it!

150ml tub of double creamWhen the pasta is cooked, drain it and through it back in the pan, along with the leeks and bacon. You may need to put it on a hob with gentle heat and add about half (150ml) of the pot of double cream into the mix!

Packet of parmigiano - cheeseAdd a handful of your grated hard cheese, anything like Parmesan works! Add at the same time as the double cream and mix until the cheese has melted and has thicken’d the sauce mixture around the pasta! Serve and add some more of the grated cheese to garnish! It’s a super easy and quick meal to make that is really filling on these cold nights!

the finished item of food

And there you have it!


  • 1 Mug of Pasta
  • 1 Leek
  • Roughly 150ml of Double Cream
  • 3 Rashers of Bacon
  • A Handful of Parmesan Cheese (and a sprinkle to garnish!)

Lots of Love,


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