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So most of you are aware that I do the MSc Health Psychology course here at Staffs (I know, I just can’t shut up about it!), and it’s come to that time of the academic year, where Psychology students at all levels are beginning to beg for people to take part in their research projects. I am one of them. Can you help a guy out?

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My thesis is titled: Exploring perceived health implications of commensality and Mukbang: A focus group study. I hope through the research to understand people’s ideas and attitudes to social eating better, whether there are any potential differences in eating behaviour between eating alone and eating with others, and the potential role online social eating (i.e. Mukbang) may have impacting on someone’s health.

I am conducting a focus group study, something that you don’t usually find the opportunity to take part in as an undergrad, and I hope by advertising this throughout the university, there will be a curiosity and keen interest to take part.

Your participation would consist of attending a predetermined group session, where you and 5 other people would be asked a series of questions relating around food and eating behaviour. You will also be asked to watch a series of clips of online social eating, and asked for your views on it. That simple!

As a participant you must be 18 years of age or older, and due to the nature of the study, should not have had or currently dealing with an eating disorder, out of risking potential relapse by taking part. You should not have any visual or auditory impairments, to the point where you cannot watch and listen to a short video that will be presented in the study.

Come join us for a friendly chat about food and stuff! Interested? If so, please email me at 

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