Border Wars

October 20, 2016 Richard Bretherick 1

Before I get on to the student-y bit of this blog, I’ll update you on the madness which constitutes my working life in the humanitarian sector in Central African Republic. Boringly, I’ve just endured malaria […]

Dissertation Blues

September 24, 2016 Richard Bretherick 1

There are two themes running through this blog: malaria and my upcoming dissertation. Regular readers of this blog (yes, both of you) know that malaria constitutes the entirety of my working life, and frequently renders […]

Richard negotiating with the local mayor

Summer is upon us

June 17, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

I’ve had a couple of weeks’ leave since my last blog. It was delightful to return to the UK and take a break from the crisis which has engulfed Central African Republic. I had attempted […]

Richard with villagers in Bepal

Mind Your Language

April 21, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

If you’re over 50 and reading this, you’ll definitely get the inference in the title. I’m not over 50 but I have dim memories of that 70’s sitcom. Why did I use that as the […]

Richard talking to a community health worker

A Malarial Mid-semester Break

March 30, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

It’s the mid-semester break and for those on the MA International Policy and Diplomacy that means putting the finishing touches to the first essay. I’ve got to be honest, owing to my lack of entertainment […]

Richard negotiating with local groups

Pressure: Then and Now

March 11, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

  I’ve been casting my eye over almost all the other blogs on the Staffs Uni blog page and I really am reminded of the pressures of being an undergrad. Postgrad student me is completely […]

Main thoroughfare in my new work location - Paoua

My Brain is Melting

March 4, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

This distance learning lark really can be quite hard in the hottest two months of the year in Central African Republic. I’m not the typical white Brit with a luminous forehead and scarlet shins, but […]

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