Being A Student Ambassador: Survival Tips

Being an ambassador is so much fun, but it is hard work! Don’t think its all smiles and easy work.  I decided to make a ‘book of tips’ for people thinking of joining the scheme, from myself and other ambassadors.

  • My top tip is buy comfy shoes and bring plasters in case you get blisters.
  • Be open to any job or experience, you never know where it could lead to. Oh and always have a rain jacket handy 🙂 – Lisa Rutter
  • Ensure you always have a smile and a happy welcoming attitude! Ferrari Ayliffe LLB Law
  • Don’t be afraid to submerge yourself in the role, the more you put in the more you get out. Meeting new people and experiencing new challenging tasks! Charlton Timms Bsc Forensic Investigation
  • If you’re nervous, others will be too. Learn together, enjoy it and you’ll develop from it! What have you got to lose? Amy-Louise Simkiss MSc Applied Research

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  • Have fun in everything you do, and always have a smile J Don’t be afraid to try new things and accept a new challenge, you never know where it may lead. (Laura Holland. BA ECS with EYTS)
  • Always connect your email to your phone because Jamie’s job emails go fast and first come first service! 😉 You’re welcome
  • Make sure you enter your timesheets on time or else no payday for that month duckie!
  • Make sure you fall in love with red because red is all you’ll be wearing on this job (Pendo Mtonga BSC Hons Psychology with child development)
  • Laugh smile have jokes and talk to other ambassadors even if you never seen them before because from now you will see them a heck of a lot more #bestbuddies (Anisa Begum graduate in BSC Hons psychology)
  • Be prepared to make some, if not one friend for life (Satvinder Kaur BSC Hons Psychology with child development)

Apply to be a Student Ambassador at Staffordshire University:

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