3 Things to Mention in Your Personal Statement

Your personal statement is part of the application which university tutors will use to assess whether you’re fit to study a particular course. This means that it is a pretty big deal and you want to make sure that you stand out from the many others applying. If you think about it, it is pretty daunting as you have a pretty limited amount of words to sell yourself! That’s why I have thought of some (probably obvious) ways to help to help write a personal statement that will help you stand out.


Why you want to study the course

When writing your statement, get straight to the point of why you want to study that particular course. Maybe you had an epiphany or a life-changing experience that sparked your interest for that particular course…whatever it was write about it! This will help give your personal statement a personal touch whilst keeping it relevant, so I would definitely recommend doing this. Just avoid waffling!

How your experience/skills make you fit for the course

Rather than listing what experiences and skills you have, you can expand on how they have made you fit for the course. By talking about this, you can show that you have worked hard and gone out of your way to gain knowledge that will help you to pursue your degree. You might have a particular skill you have gained that makes you stand out from other applicants so make sure to write about it!

How the course will help you in the future

Talking about this will help show the university tutors reading your statement that you are thinking of your future. Even if you are not 100% sure on what you want to do after your degree, you can hint or just write a sentence to show that this degree will help aid you whatever you want to do in the future.


I hope that these points were useful as you are writing your personal statement. Just remember to make yours stand out and make every word count!


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