5 reasons Staffordshire University helps me #GetAnEdge

  • Facilities

The facilities in the psychology department are very up to date and sophisticated. During the first two years we receive training on them, learn what they are capable of and what types of experiments they can be used for. In the third year we get to use them in experiments of our own designing. Using such up to date technology will help me after university when I can provide evidence of conducting research with the technology and other applicants for a job may not have this experience.

  • Research assistantship module

In the second year, psychology students get to choose a module from a selection which includes a research assistantship module. This is where the student gets to observe and help with real, current research which is being conducted by a member of staff. At times this can lead to a credit on the research paper should it get published. This is an incredible thing for a second year psychology student to put on their CV.


  • Talks from professional speakers

The Staffs uni psychology department runs a visiting speaker series where current researchers from either within Staffs uni or from outside the university come to do a talk on their research and any interesting findings. This helps keep students up to date with the current direction of psychology which is essential when moving into psychology related jobs.

  • Assistance with careers

The university has its own careers department who can help with part time work, volunteering, work experience and careers after university. This is an invaluable source of help because sometimes the world of job applications and interviews can be difficult to navigate and the people who work in the careers department are experts and can guide you through it.


  • Contemporary issues in psychology

Contemporary issues in psychology is a module in level 5 where current psychological issues are discussed. Experts on the subjects are brought in to lecture on it and conduct question and answer sessions too. This is also a very different module because for two of the sessions students get to choose the topic which is taught to them, one from a list of topics including parapsychology and psychology of evil, and one is completely open choice.


Discover how you can #GetAnEdge at Staffordshire University: www.staffs.ac.uk/2017

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