Five reasons why University is better now

Wil Chung

Working at the University has really opened my eyes in terms of the offering students have here at Staffordshire University to what I had (or didn’t have) back then!


  • Computers! It seems that around every corner there is a PC or Mac and all the latest software to hand for students. Back in my day (wow I am really starting to sound like my father) I remember having to queue to wait for access to the handful of PCs around




  • Internet – Imagine a world without internet! Well to be honest, at University there was “internet” but not quite what it is now. No Google, no Chrome, no Wikipedia or facebook. Actually having to work a lot harder to get the background research done which is SO much easier now



  • Accommodation – My halls of residence had “character” (old and dilapidated) and was also a 15 minute bus ride from the main campus. The newly refurbished accommodation here at Staffs is a real eye opener. And literally 2 minutes from bed to lecture. Bliss



  • At said halls of residence, I stayed “half board” – Great get breakfast and dinner sorted! No need to cook. However, not getting up early enough means breakfast was missed. Whilst dinner was the same old fayre (how could you make cooking for 500 people everyday interesting?) Although there is no half board option here at Staffs. The kitchen area, the outdoor pizza oven and the various outlets on campus ensures that whatever your taste or budget, it’s catered for.



  • Clubs & Societies – Wow – such a huge variety or clubs to join. And if there isn’t a club to your taste, you can always start one! As I wasn’t into football or rugby, it was difficult for me to participate. Now only if there was a dodgeball club….


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I work in the marketing department for Staffordshire University and have lived in Staffordshire for the past three years. I'm originally from Nottinghamshire, but love the combination of outdoor space and city convenience that Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire has to offer.

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