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Students, we work hard and put a lot of effort into our studies for most of the year but I think every now and again we need a treat! I fancied a trip to Blackpool to do all the touristy things. Now you’re probably thinking how can he do this he’s a student, well aside from having a job and a strict budget which I stick to strictly. However I don’t have money to throw around so I still had to find the best way to do things cheapest! So here’s my guide and travel blog on Blackpool.

First tip, plan in advance. The earlier you decide to go, the cheaper your tickets and rooms will be. I decided to go for two days and managed to get my nights stay at a bargain price but in one the best rooms in the hotel. I did this by researching and not just taking the first deal I saw, websites such as and trivago are great for this but also look out for the January sales both for U.K. And abroad holidays as this is the best time to book.

Navigating attraction or theme park websites can often be confusing and not straight forward. If you know where you want to go (this can also apply to shops etc), try typing in the place and student in google (for example: I wanted the pleasure beach so typed “Blackpool pleasure beach student”) which directed me to a quite hidden section where I could book student tickets which saved me £4 on my ticket, and had I booked even more advance I could have saved me up to £10. Always look for student offers as there is no harm in asking/looking! Blackpool has a lot to do. I found that the best and most money efficient way to do it all is the big which is £55 and you can do everything there, so the pleasure beach, the dungeons, Madame Tussuards, sea life, circus and go up to the famous red Tower…it’s an absolute bargain!

Once we arrived, the first big task was to find somewhere to park, to most people that is find the cheapest car park and drop it there, but I’m a student so if there’s a way to do something free…do it. Free on street parking can be found but you just have to be willing to walk 5 minutes, which for young students isn’t hard! I’d planned a fun packed day including going up the Blackpool Tower, delving deep into the Tower dungeon and then rounding off the evening with front row seats at the Tower Circus.

As this weekend was a treat, I had booked a lovely stay at the Village hotel Blackpool where we got a super huge mega bed with Sky sports and movies in the room. I couldn’t believe it, here we are students – yet living the high life of luxury! A real lesson here was if you look hard enough you can travel and stay in luxury on a student budget. Top advice, always look for the words SALE and STUDENT, whether separate or together there is £ to be saved! Blackpool is certainly different to when I was younger, it’s full of life and nostalgia but most importantly plenty to see and do, don’t regret it book a trip now!

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