5 Icebreakers For Your New Flatmates

My flatmates and I during our first week together!

So you’re all moved into your new flat, you’ve kicked your parents out, everything’s quiet and there’s just on challenge left – the flatmates. It’s daunting; being thrown into a new situation with 3-12 new people. Argh! Right?

Nahh. Don’t worry. It’s natural to be nervous, but the chances are you’ll have absolutely no trouble in this area. It’ll take a couple of weeks, but you’ll all get into your own routines and will learn to work around each other’s (but, don’t forget, if you do run into flatmate trouble, your RLCs and the rest of the ResLife team can help you out with that). But before all that! You’re probably worried about first impressions, right?  Well, here are a few ideas to get everyone talking!

My flatmates and I during our first week together!

Move In Party!

Every year, Staffs holds a move in day party in the LRV. It’s a great initial talking point to just ask your flatmates if they’re going, maybe offer to tag along? Even if you don’t stay for long, it’s nice to go for a quick drink together on that first night.


Go Exploring!

You’ll most likely be slightly concerned about getting lost in your first week, and your flatmates probably are too. Maybe put out an open invitation to have a walk around the campus to figure things out together.


Offer a Hand!

This one is a little situational and might not work for all, but if you’re all moved into your room and you see one of your flatmates struggling with their boxes, maybe offer to lend a helping hand.


Suggest Music!

With everyone packing in their own rooms, things can get quiet. And if one of you is all unpacked, the silence might start to feel awkward and boring. Maybe suggest to put some music on – one of you will most likely have some speakers you can use. Throw together a quick Spotify playlist with everyone’s contributions. Not only will it fill the awkward silence, but it might start up a conversation if you like someone’s music taste!


Put the Kettle On!

This is the one that worked in my flat! Pop your head around everyone’s door and offer them a cuppa! Most likely they’ll be tired from moving in, so it’ll be just what the doctor ordered. Let them know you’ll be drinking yours in the kitchen if they need anything/want a chat.

Hope one of these works for you!

Happy Moving!


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