Zach’s University Open Day Tips and Essentials

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University open days, there is so much to see and do, sometimes too much but what is it you really do need to see on an open day so you can come away and say YES that’s where I want to study my degree!

Going to an open day it’s always good to have a plan or rough idea of where you want to go so that when you arrive and see the time table you can arrange your day accordingly so you don’t miss anything. Talks, tours, meet and greets and even course specific talks or taster sessions are run throughout the day.

Here’s my list of open day tips and essentials to see and do –

• Course specific talks or sessions – This would be my main do it point, as soon as you arrive find out when they are because you can’t miss them. Every course at each University is different it’s taught by different people, in a different style and sometimes assessed differently so you really must understand your course because it’s the main reason you’re going to university so you have to make sure you will enjoy it and have enthusiasm for it.
• Accommodation tours – Another main priority, campus accommodation will be your home for at lest your first year so you have to make sure you are happy with the facilities and if you’ll feel happy staying in the halls or houses depending on what your taste’s are. Have questions prepared when you go on the tour as the reps will have all the answer or find out for you. For example, the cost, is there on ensuite, Do they offer mix and single sex and what are then site facilities to accompany the accommodation ?
• Facilities and venues – As much as education is the heart of why you are at University your social life is important too because it’s a way to wind down. Gym ? SU venues ? Restaurants ? Library ? (Because even doing a deadline at 2am you want to be comfortable) knowing how good campus facilities are is as important as knowing what your accommodation is like because you’ll spend plenty of time in them and you want to enjoy them.
• Questions questions questions – It’s very easy to sit back and just listen or even let mum and dad do the talking but it’s you who’s going to the place so why not get the answer that will help you make that decision on where to go. Try think of some questions before you go to the open day and don’t be shy to ask everyone is there for you and to help you get what you need from the day!
• The town – If you can after you’ve done all you need to on campus try to visit and see as much of the surrounding area and town as you can because you will need to go off campus and actually be a grown up and explore. So it’s good to know what’s there for you. For examples where’s the nearest large supermarket, what’s the local shopping scene like, is there an entertainment complex with a cinema or even what are the transport links like ?

So there you have it my open day tips and essentials you should do and think about before your next Open day visit. Remember Staffs Uni have the last open day before the UCAS deadline this Saturday, so why not visit and try out my tips ?! I think you should!

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