How I Got A Helping Hand From Staffs

It was only last year that I was in my final year of A-levels and looking around for a degree that was everything I wanted. So I remember how busy a UCAS application can keep you, and how desperate you can get to just get it done quickly (or equally to leave it to the last minute!)

It’s far too easy to just fly through the application without caring too much what goes into it, but I knew that my application would be read by my future course leaders. And the people who decide who are going to accept you onto your first choice course are definitely people you want to impress!

I made sure to get a lot of help throughout my application from my college tutors, but sometimes it’s nice to get a fresh pair of eyes to look through it. I was always looking into applying for Staffordshire University, which is why I so easily stumbled across The University’s Helping Hands Campaign.

Helping Hands exists to help you with your UCAS and Student Finance applications, and I found the feedback I received unbelievably helpful. I used the campaign mostly for my personal statement, as I found this the hardest to get right on my own. It’s hard sometimes to talk positively about yourself – making yourself stand out from the crowd without bragging or sounding egotistical. The service was really easy to use, I simply sent off my personal statement through the Campaign’s Personal Statement Checker and within two days – voila! I had received an email with all sorts of feedback on my personal statement.

Here is the feedback I got:

Great job! My only comment would be that you do not mention your career aspirations for the future, you could pop this right at the end as a concluding statement or within your introduction.
Other than that I would say that this is ready for submission, you’ve demonstrated a passion for the subject as well as technical skills and you have pulled out the skills you have developed at school/college.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

It was really nice to receive this feedback from the University as it was really friendly, helpful, and specific. Thanks to the personal statement checker I was able to really strengthen my conclusion to make sure it ended on a high note. I also decided to make my statement more specific and make sure I really hit home on my experience in and passion for my subject.

I truly believe that having access to the helping hands campaign strengthened my application greatly, and gave me confidence in what I had said in my statement.  I’d strongly recommend any current and future applicants to use this service.

Try the Personal Statement Checker now


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