The Steps of Life

Oprah saying Yeah! in a gif
Oprah came from poverty but her childhood experiences shaped her future.

The small steps you take in life are very important. It may seem like its nothing at the time, but everything links together at the end. I am a Christian so I am a strong believer in everything happening for a reason. Even if you are not a believer you will often find that the stages in your life you thought were ‘irrelevant’ actually were significant to your progression in life.

Oprah saying Yeah! in a gif
Oprah came from poverty but her childhood experiences shaped her future.


So whatever position you are in at the moment in your life, just know that it will all prepare you for your future. It maybe that everyone around you has a part time job alongside their studies and you are the only one still trying to manage on your student finance alone.

The truth could be that you need all the time to dedicate your full attention to your studies without that extra stress.

Here is a fun little story.

About a couple months of ago I was babysitting almost every day for a neighbour. I had just finished my internship and was still looking for my next opportunity. Naturally I wasn’t feeling all that motivated at that time in my life.  I mean I have a degree and I am babysitting?

*Side note*: If you are planning on working in the media be prepared to spend tons of time looking for opportunities.

Anyway I decided to just do it as it was easy money and it would allow me to search online for jobs. I had initially hoped that I would have got my ideal job by the start of the new year and I would be set. However, life had other plans. I decided that I needed to find a part-time job whilst I searched, especially since I wanted to travel for a while (I blogged about this before). Luckily the woman I was babysitting for told me about an opportunity to do some support work at a company she once worked for. I decided to give that a shot. After all money is money. In a weird twist of events I ended up getting offered a recruitment consultant role within their company. They felt that with my Broadcast Journalism degree I would be better suited for that position. (Nice one degree…nice one).

Although I am not exactly where I want to be. I have been given an opportunity to enhance my skills. With this position I am going to learn essential office skills, communication etc. I will be able to use these to my advantage when I am working in the television industry

Now, looking back at the order of events it just goes to show my point. That every little thing can be a step towards something better.

Mike Jordan slam dunking in a basketball game
Michael Jordan grew up being the goofy kid who wasn’t tall enough to be a basketball player. He faced many setbacks and failures but he was determined.


Babysitting led me to find out about the recruitment company, this will give me essential skills and the funds to travel. Maybe my next big break is somewhere abroad.

Whatever situation you are in now, pull through and you will come out brighter at the other side.

So what if you didn’t get the ideal work placement you wanted. Maybe there is someone in that company who can direct you to a better opportunity or it is an opportunity to learn vital skills that you wouldn’t have been able to learn elsewhere.



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