How it Felt to Get into Uni

At the age of 23, I decided to come back to uni. In the beginning, I got really excited about it, the entire study abroad. I was so excited all the paperwork is done, booked the flight and ready to go.

Still remember the first few days when I was in class and found out most of my classmates are like 20 or 21. Instantly, I felt old but Ainsley looked at me and said “I’m 29”.

Ainsley is such a amazing friend, both of us in the same situation where both of us are year 2 direct entry student which mean we don’t know anyone in the room during our first lecture. He came, sat next to me and we started to talk. That conversation calmed my nerves and I was relieved. I believe everyone will get nervous when they first walk into class and see a lot strangers in the room. Don’t be afraid, you are not alone. I had the same situation, i was a little too scare to speak to anyone at that moment but Ainsley kinda dragged me out of my comfort zone and I started to make friends with others.

Lastly, here’s my video to find out my little “unusual” path about coming back to uni.

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