Ember Lounge means ‘family’


Now, have you ever come across that old saying that university ‘are the best days of your life’?

You see many graduate’s yearning for the university days, wishing they had the opportunity to relive their ‘glory’ days at uni. I can assure you by ‘glory’ days, they mean… clubbing, late night takeaways and discounts!

I decided to sit down and have a think, knowing that as I am now approaching my final year at uni (yikes), what are the best bits from uni? Is it working in the state of the art sound studios? Is it using all the latest software packages and recording equipment? Or is it partying with the squad? (#SorryNotSorry).

I have therefore decided that one of the best highlights for me at uni is the Ember Lounge.

Now, for those that sadly never acquainted themselves with the Ember Lounge, then I urge you to go! Especially on Tuesdays as it’s Karaoke Night.

The reason I chose Ember Lounge is not only due to the incredible food that is served there (I highly recommend the All Day Breakfast meal) but also because of the comraderies amongst students from across the university. This is the social hub for students, and on rare occasions, the public. It is a place where you can also play a bit of pool and belt your lungs out to a large number of ABBA songs.

For me personally, the Ember Lounge means ‘family’. In many aspects it’s a second home (or third home… depending on your student accommodation arrangements.). I know, after a long hard day at uni, I can gather my friends and bask in the warmth and friendly environment that is Ember.

I have some good news for you.

The Ember Lounge will be given a new lease of life when it comes to September. The whole place will be renovated and re-designed and the Student Union are asking for recommendations from students while giving you a sneak peek look at the designs for the new Ember Lounge.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look yourselves.


See you later!


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