Zach’ Guide to Welcome Week 2017

Welcome week, Freshers week or party week, whatever you call it! It’s that first week of University where you’re not quite sure where to go, what to do or where you are really supposed to be. Along with packing, unpacking and making friends, finding information can seem like quite tough task. I’ve put together a small guide for all of you freshers to help you get a little understanding on where to go and what to do day by day…All the information, dates or where to find them in one place!

Click the links throughout this post to find out more details on the subject, such as prices, location, times etc.

16th September – Moving in day!

Your first day of freedom! All of your hard work has paid off! Time to move into your new pad for the year, meet your flat mates, unpack and chill!

No doubt when you arrive you’ll be a bit confused and flustered (I was!) but if you came to an open day you may know where the Sports Hall is (if not, we’ll have plenty of student ambassadors on hand to help! Watch out for the red shirts!) and that’s where you’ll be heading to do face-to-face enrolment.

This is while you receive things such as your student card (DISCOUNTS!) and keys to your new home for the year.

Once you’re in, you’ve moved your stuff in, and your family has said their goodbyes…This is the time to start making new friends and meet new people! I would say to start with your flatmates and go from there.

TOP TIP: when you’re moving in, keep your door propped open! This will encourage people to come talk to you and make meeting people less awkward!

If you’ve still got loads of energy and feeling like having a night out… LRV is hosting the move in party! This is always full of 1st years drinking “moderately” (seriously though…drink aware and stay safe), and making friends. It’s a brilliant ice breaker and also a good excuse to dance your worries away! Tickets for this event will not go on pre-sale and will be available to buy on the door. This is so that freshers get priority.

17th SeptemberFamily Fun Day

Open to everyone but a perfect opportunity for students who are studying off site to come to campus and socialize before the weeks festivities. There will be stalls, street food, music, and much more. Make sure you get yourself down there!

This day is also enrollment for students living off campus which will take place in the sports centre.

18th September – Start of Welcome Week

On the first official day of Welcome Week, each course will have its own timetable. So you’ll have your course welcome session which is usually on a Monday due to having other course events planned. Go to these, they are IMPORTANT! They are where you will get:

  • A breakdown of your course
  • The plan for the year
  • Meet your tutors – Good first impressions are important!
  • Reading/books list
  • Course Hoodies (not all course get these but most do)
  • Meet your course mates – you will be learning and working with these people so good to get off on a good start!

20th September – SU day

  • For me, a personal highlight of welcome week! It’s the freshers fair/commercial fair, the perfect opportunity to get all your freebies, discounts, vouchers and food (normally domino’s pizza is a hit) you can easily come away with bags full! Located in LRV.
  • Sports clubs and societies fair – A chance to meet the people behind the clubs and societies, this will give you the chance to ask all of those bubbling questions. You might even find a new hobby or interest. This is located in the Sports Hall and the large tent in front of Brindley building.
  • Gobble! Back to school – The first gobble of the year is always a big one, retro style and the RETURN of the Gobble Gunger…so make sure you bring those old school shirts and ties. Get involved and let loose to the cheesy tunes!

21st September

Some will be recovering from gobble the night before but for those hardcore party animal who can just keep going, the SU is putting on laser tag on campus in LRV! It is free entry and running from 16:00-23:00 you can’t miss this one!



22nd September

  • Eclipse is coming to LRV… more details coming soon! All I can say is…Friday nights are changing!


Don’t forget to check out the Freshers wristbands, available from the SU website, which will get you entry to nights out, events and other bonus’.

Sports Clubs will be holding trials throughout Welcome Week, as well as Give-it-a-go sessions for those sports you’ve not played before! If you like the sound of something, go along and see what it’s like. Sports club cater to all abilities, so don’t be afraid to try something new. I would advise that  you focus on one sport to do throughout the year, because don’t forget you have your studies as well! Click here for timetables, our Q&A’s about sports at Staffs, and locations. This page will be updated once the information is available.

For the FULL Student’s UNION events timetable…including gobble theme’s, society events, trips etc click HERE!


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