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Forbidden Planet

If you’ve never been to Hanley, go. It is a fantastic place, Stoke-on-Trent’s main town centre and not even far from the university! A leisurely twenty minutes walk maximum or about a two minute bus ride, in some cases it could literally be on your doorstep! Now for what to do in Hanley, I recommend:


Harley’s is an amazing café that’s been converted from a pub and carries with it an amazing aesthetic. This is because it is full to the brim with movie, biker and general history memorabilia. Boba Fett’s signature and a full motorbike all await inside this delightful find. Also, they made me a chicken curry at breakfast time which was pretty amazing, so bonus points for that.

Brunchies is your one stop shop for anything pizza, chips, kebab. Me and my friends have stopped there many a lunch time to grab some great grub. The pizzas there especially are brilliant and my friend hypes up their chicken burgers no end. The staff there are really nice and have even gone as far to have a calculator on hand for when you and your mates need help fixing up the bill. Side note: They’re also a great post night out pit stop for some re-energising munchies.

If you have a sweet tooth or just fancy a snack, there is a great sweet shop just outside of the Potteries Shopping Centre called Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe and it has a fab selection of everything and anything that can give you a sugar rush. My personal favourite is Toxic Waste, the tongue twistingly sour sweets are to die for.

Mr Simms


A shop near to my heart is Forbidden Planet as it is an essential stop for comic and pop culture fans. They have new issue releases and old classics as well as Pop! Vinyls, posters and other great memorabilia. It’s an amazing shop and I feel so lucky to have one here in Hanley.

As well as this, Hanley is home to the intu Potteries Shopping Centre, which features the likes of River Island to Music Store to MenKind. I love the Potteries, as the variety is stark and fun, providing a ton of options for your shopping needs including a ground level market that hosts stalls for costumes and retro video games. If you need something, there’s good chance the Potteries has it.


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