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Hanley Park
Hanley Park
Hanley Park – image from Google Maps

This blog is going to cover some of the places you might like to visit in and around Stoke-on-Trent. Personally I am not really one for going out at night, but I have been a few times and have got a feel for some good places from friends who go out.

First we will start with places to go during the day. Personally I love shopping, and Hanley has it covered. Hanley town centre has pretty much every shop you want and more and is only a 5 minute bus journey or 10 minute car journey. If you plan to walk it then it is about half an hour and includes a pleasant walk through Hanley Park. If you want to go to a different place to shop then Birmingham and Manchester are not too far away. If you go by train, Manchester is around a 40 minute trip and Birmingham is about a 50 minute trip.

Hanley Park is up next, it is a really pretty park to go during the day (but like any park in the country, please don’t go through it on your own at night in the dark, there is a safe route marked out from Hanley to the University). There are loads of different things to do at the park or it is nice just to walk round to clear your head when the assignments are getting a bit much. It is about a 5 minute walk from the university or maybe a little less. The Trentham Estate is also a great place to go as it has a shopping village and places to eat and the Trentham Gardens themselves.

On campus there are a few places to go. First there is a coffee shop selling Costa in both the library and the Science Centre which also has a seating area. There is another place called the Squeeze Box which sells juices, smoothies, hot drinks and a selection of hot and cold food. There is a chilled out feel to it which is perfect for when you may feel a bit stressed out, especially at this time of year. Verve and Ember Lounge sell food which is great for having a meal out with friends or people who come to visit you. Ember lounge sells pub food style meals and the best cookie sundae I have ever had. Verve is an American diner style place to eat.



refreshgobbleIn terms of places to go out at night, the LRV on campus is a popular choice on Wednesdays for Gobble and Fridays for Refresh. Monday is student night in Hanley where there are lots of choices of places to go. Where you decide to go may be decided by the kinds of music or atmosphere you like but some places my flatmates have been include Fiction, Walkabout and Chicago’s.
I know some people also enjoy a night out in Newcastle under Lyme but I don’t know enough to recommend a place there. One of the best ways to find out where the best places are, is to either check them out yourself with a group of friends, or to find second and third years and ask them about their experiences. They can usually tell you the ones they like and the ones they don’t.

There is much more than this to do around Stoke-on-Trent but these are just a few of the most popular and most accessible places. Do some research and you might find other places that you fancy exploring.

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