The End…Of Year One

Rebecca with two friends in her kitchen

I come to you tonight from the flat dining table, this is my last proper night in the flat that is not going to be packing and and sorting everything out. This is tough, I don’t do goodbyes at all and it has been a day of tears. It’s only Wednesday and I go home on Friday but it is my last hours with my new second family.

I plan to make some sappy advice post for freshers at the start of your new year, because I did it and I survived it and now here I am a year later, ready for the next couple of years. But until then it is time to write to the people I love so dearly and and dreading saying goodbye to so much. It’s not the end, I know but I won’t be with these guys next year and so I want to make the most of it.  Here are my favourite photos of my lovely friends:


Love you guys always.



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