Living in a student house

Annrose in her house with friends

For second year, my friends and I decided to move into a house together. And I have to say although I prefer it to living in halls, both have their pros and cons.

Annrose with her house mates

Pros of living in a student house

  • You live with people you like – and these tend to be people who are much nicer.
  • It is cheaper – rent is cheaper, but then it isn’t when you add bills to it…NEXT!
  • You live with less people – I currently live with two friends. It’s less noisy and less messy.
  • You don’t have routine fire alarm drills – I really don’t think I need to expand any more on this. If you have lived in halls, you know what I mean.
  • You have a garden – which will be nice for summer to have a BBQ. Actually, who am I kidding? We live in England.

Cons of living in a student house

  • Bills – deciding how you are going to organise them and actually making sure you have money to pay for them.
  • Landlords – if you are unlucky and have a rubbish one. Especially when you have things in the house that need fixing and they take 6 months to get back to you.
  • Less social – you go from living with lots of students in halls who you can have a good time with, with just a few people in a house. And I have found that you have to make a lot more effort when living in a house to have a better social life.

Annrose with her house mates walking to Campus

I have only been living in this student house for 9 months, so the cons list might grow more. But for now, I do enjoy living in my student house with my friends.

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  1. Good points, but if I can add a couple more:

    Some landlords include the Bills in the rent, making it easier to budget and no hassle having to organise and contact the various companies.

    To be fair – I might also suggest that a good landlord should appear as a “pro” if you state a rubbish one is a “con”.

    I am biased, of course, as I am a landlord myself, but hopefully regarded as one of the good ones!

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