London Trip – April 2016

Rebecca with friends at platform 9 3/4

In my first year of university I have been really lucky to have been able to go on a couple of trips with my class. To Manchester (A city I had never visited) and then this year to London (which is pretty much home). This as a self funded class trip, meaning that if we wanted to go, we had to pay for our own trains, etc. To be fair a train from Stoke to London is not that expensive and mine came to £43 which covered an off peak return (meaning that we could come back whenever we wanted) and also covered the cost of a travel card (the ticket needed to use the tube).

The day started off with a trip to the British library, which was STUNNING! Cue awesome picture that my classmate Alex took of me walking through the gate…

Rebecca walking through the British Library gate

Isn’t it lovely. Yes. Yes it is! I love it (thanks Alex!). Anyway we visited the brand new building for the sound archives, which was really interesting to our little radio nerds. They had tons of antique equipment like gramophones (which were gorgeous, I kind of want one!). After the tour of the sound archives at the British library, we had free reign over the rest of our afternoons. Being huge Harry Potter dorks some of the class decided to nip round to Kings Cross to visit Platform 9 and 3/4. It was the coolest thing I have ever done (she says with a Ravenclaw bow, holding her hair in place). I took classmates Alex, Nathan and Beth with me to the shop and the wall, where we had this rather cheesy photo taken of us:

Rebecca and her friends at platform 9 3/4

We then headed to the BBC, a great place to go for all budding radio nerds. I loved my first trip there and wanted to show the others how it can really just inspire you to keep working hard to get to where you want to be. They weren’t doing any tours, but I made sure to show my friends the bits we could see, from the one show set, to the radio 1 doors and even the broadcast newsroom, which really is something to see in person. And following all Level 4 Radio Production trips traditions, here is our cheesy BBC photo:

Rebecca with friends outside BBC Broadcasting House

Beth then left us to scale the 02 and the boys and I headed off to the science museum, with an unplanned detour to the palace. We were so lucky with the weather, as it was so warm and it was so nice to show Nathan and Alex, my part of the UK. It was a rather quick trip to the science museum but we did get to meet a spaceman!

Rebecca and friend in the Science Museum

Our day was incredible and we ended up being the last group standing and were last home from London. It was a fantastic day and I loved spending it with some of my lovely classmates.

Rebecca with friends on the train from London to Stoke-on-Trent



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