What To Pack For University

There are so many things that I wish I had (and hadn’t) packed for university but luckily you have me to help you decide! You don’t want to pack too much as you have to bear in mind that you won’t be living in a very large room so you won’t have space for 2 suitcases (yes I have two suitcases lol, I actually had 3 but I brought one home with me during summer as I don’t wear the clothes I have inside it). Here are a list of essentials that you will need:

  • Duvet and duvet cover (make sure it’s the right size for the duvet)
  • Bedsheets (make sure they’re the right size for your bed)
  • Pillows and Pillowcases (1 or 2)
  • Warm blankets
  • Bathing towels/ hand towels
  • Door stopper (makes you seem more inviting and friendly, using the bin to hold a door open can get annoying lol)
  • Family photos (I got very homesick and didn’t have any photos to look at except on my phone or online ): )

When it comes to clothing you honestly don’t need that much, I brought so many clothes with me and half of them didn’t even get worn! Just make sure you have plenty of tops and a few pairs of jeans/trousers as well as going out clothes (don’t forget your underwear and socks). Also don’t forget to bring sweats or comfy clothing that you can lounge in as I did forget these and was feeling uncomfortable in jeans for the first few months when I wasn’t going anywhere! A very important thing also is to bring smart clothing especially if you’re planning on looking for a job as you don’t want to have to go out and buy new clothes when you had what you needed at home.

Any laundry items you need such as fabric softener or washing up powder can be bought when you get to uni as you don’t want to be carrying any extra items that you won’t be needing straight away.

Bathroom and first aid items

  • Glasses(2 pairs)/contact lenses and cleaning fluid as well as a copy of your prescription
  • Lotions/moisturisers
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Bath soap
  • Razors/hair removal creams
  • Hair products/brushes/combs
  • Sanitary products
  • Makeup/makeup removers
  • Contraceptives/condoms (Can get for free at clinics)
  • Tablets (Painkillers, diarrhea tablets (never know when you may need them), cold/flu remedies, plasters, tweezers, lozenges

If you suffer from any medical conditions such as diabetes, epilepsy etc make sure you have all your medication and let your flat mates know in case of an emergency.

Don’t forget your stationary and kitchen equipment such as pots/pans, baking equipment, sponges, tea towels, tin/bottle openers, potato peeler, pizza cutter etc.

Congratulations on all those who have got into university and see you in September! If I have missed anything you can take a look online and there are plenty of checklists for what you need when going to university but remember don’t pack more than what you NEED!