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There are plenty of places to eat on the Stoke campus, but one of the most recent additions is the Pavilion Smoke House, in the Beacon building. For Valentine’s day, myself and fellow blogger, Phil, hit it up to give you all an insight into what it’s like (and enjoy some fab burgers)! Check out my full review below, or you can also watch my vlog of the evening here…




So, I want to make this very clear before we get into my comments on the general evening – I am an extremely fussy eater, so I was very wary going somewhere new (I’m the type to just pop to the Ember Lounge for a good fish and chips, and some garlic bread)! But I needn’t have worried. Although the menu was short and concise, I had no problems finding something I loved the sound of.

When we turned up to the restaurant, the waiter was warm and accommodating, and welcomed us to take any table we fancied. We chose a cute little one in the corner with a candle – very fitting for Valentine’s Day!

We both chose burgers because they were fab value and we fancied something really filling. Me being – as previously stated – very picky, I asked for my buttermilk chicken burger without relish, and was told that would be no issue (which put my mind at rest).

It arrived really quickly (thank goodness, because it smelt so good that we were practically drooling the whole time), and the presentation was awesome! Really modern and different, being served on a slab. It really added a ‘fancy dining’ feel to the evening, which was absolutely perfect for someone who’s used to pub lunch dates.



The burger itself was crispy and succulent, like a (much) higher quality chicken goujon! The crisp coating was seasoned lightly to add to the taste, without overpowering the chicken itself. As someone who lives on chicken nuggets and kievs, I have a very high standard for breaded chicken products, and I was definitely impressed!

But the star of the meal was easily the chips. Served in a mini, shallow pan, the fries were totally to die for! Crispy, but with a real potato taste that means you don’t just feel like you’re eating cooking oil and nothing else.

Though I was practically bursting full after my main, I couldn’t resist the temptation of dessert, so went for a brownie (to share with Phil, of course). Rich and gooey, I was in chocolatey heaven! The perfect end to a delicious evening!

As a thank you for reading my review, we and Pavilion are offering you a discount off your meal with them when you show them this page! You’re welcome! Enjoy!

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