House for 3rd year!

emmas bed and small window in the corner

From living in the house from hell last year, my new student house is so much better.

Yeah it is a lot more expensive than the one I lived in last year, but at least I can shower without feeling like the mould in the corner is definitely making me sicker!

It’s also nice to know that if anything goes wrong then someone will be able to come an fix it ASAP, last year we lived with a leaking upstairs bathroom for the whole year, not really knowing if the lights were going to blow.

I thought I’d share my new student pad with you guys, to show you the comparison of a decent student house to a frankly dreadful one.

Location wise it’s a lot better, I can roll out of bed at 8.45 and be in lectures for 9, rather than having to get up two hours earlier to walk or worry about whether I’d get a parking ticket if I just couldn’t be bothered to walk, which was a lot of the time. It also means stumbling home from LRV got a lot easier too!

I’m not very good at being tidy, but I feel like I have to be because it’s such a nice house, and a little small so stuff everywhere its not ideal.

Also despite getting the short straw in not winning rock paper scissors to get the room I originally wanted, I feel like my room is the best one in the house now!



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