Cheap Eats: 4 Places to Eat in Stoke

My favourite date day so far this year, @ Sweet in Hanley!

You’re a student. That probably means two things – you’re poor, and you’re hungry. I know. I feel you. But fear not! Here’s a quick list of places you can check out in Stoke!

  1. Maccies!

    Fast food is always an option for students – cheap, quick and delicious! There’s three McDonald’s dotted around Stoke, one just five minutes from the Clarice Cliff accommodation. They also do delivery now, which has saved my stomach numerous late nights when I’ve been working on a deadline! If Maccies isn’t your thing, there’s also Burger King, KFC and Pizza Hut all within a couple of miles of the Uni Quarter!

  2. Spoons!
    My order as soon as the Christmas menu hits.

    Another student staple is Wetherspoons! There are two ‘spoons within walking distance of the university quarter, and since they’ve introduced the app, you can have a whole meal with zero human interaction. For those stressful near-deadline nights!

  3. Dessert Bars!
    My favourite date day so far this year, @ Sweet in Hanley!

    Something a lot of people don’t consider is swapping a small meal for a big fancy dessert! Dessert bars having been popping up more and more recently, and I definitely recommend them as a treat!

  4. On-Campus Restaurants
    Loving Ember Garlic Bread, 2017

    My absolute favourite place in Stoke to eat is the Ember Lounge, the Union-run pub. The food is cheap, warm and delicious. Plus, it’s a two minute walk from my house. Top Tip: TRY THE GARLIC BREAD ?

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