Gee: My University Story… So Far

So, everyone has different reasons for going to uni, and has a different journey while they’re here! I wanted to write this blog

A photography/digital painting self-portrait from my Foundation Year. I was a wee pink bab at 18.

about my own personal experience so far in higher education, just to give you a little insight into my world at Staffs Uni!

First up, how did I get here? Okay, so I’m gonna let you in on a secret; I didn’t do great in my A Levels. It wasn’t a disaster, but I didn’t get what I wanted and was super disappointed. Luckily, I’d already chosen to do a Foundation Diploma before uni, purely for the fact I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet.

A very attractive photo from the celebratory milkshake date we had when we all got uni places!

During my Foundation year, I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself and moping about my bad results. But I had a big turning point in my attitude when I found out that Staffs did an actual course dedicated to my one true love – COMIC BOOKS! From the second I found the webpage about Cartoon & Comic Arts, I was set on doing whatever I could to get there.

I was offered interviews for all five of my applications and Staffs was my last one (after I’d fallen even more in love with it after visiting an open day). As I went through, I was pretty confident in my interview technique, gaining offers from my first three choices. And then, a week before my Staffs interview, I got a rejection. My confidence was so knocked and I remember being genuinely heartbroken at the concept of possibly not getting into Staffs…

London MCM trip with the squad!

But I did!

And now I’ve been studying Cartoon & Comic Arts for a year and half, and have gained more from uni then I could have ever imagined!

I’ve gained a group of amazing friends (whom I met through the Staffs New Students Facebook Group before starting my course); visited London with my class within the first semester; got a fabulous job in being a Student Blogger; worked with uni-connected external clients to produce work, as well as having to find my own external clients; set up an art fair with my class; assisted in a workshop with primary school kids, and countless other things in just 18 months that have just left my head spinning!

Here’s to the next 18!


Squad at our stalls at the winter art fair!


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