Something to maketh thee smile

The 23rdof April marks a very special day, Shakespeare Day!

Known for his sonnets and playwrights worldwide, the man is practical the emperor of creative writing. Did you know he is the best-selling author of all time, with approximately 4 billion copies of his work sold? It is no doubt we study his work till date.

Thus, I wanted to reminisce a little, back to the day when I wrote my first dramatic monologue in the point of view of a microwave. Yes, you read right. A Microwave.

Without further ado, ladies and gents, I present to you.


The Microwave’s Melody

Am I a landfill?

A sewage perhaps,

created to be, polluted

by your pungent dishes!

What’s next I wonder,



Still I twirl

I whirl

pivoting your precious platter,

humming to your tune.


I ping for your approval.

Once. Twice-

you flung me open. And to your

dismay, it is neither hot or cold,

but like left out cereal.


Slam me shut,

jab at me till I reach my utmost.

For you will see,

your cactus tongue

will be your undoing.




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