Getting a Job at University

Female student ambassador holding a campus tours sign at an open day

Two student ambassadors working on activity with model brainsGetting a job whilst at university is something I would strongly suggest. Not only does it give you more money for socialising and buying new clothes it gives you great experience and makes you more employable upon leaving university.

Money is a big part of university life and I shall go into greater detail about money, finance and budgeting in another blog.

Personally I couldn’t have survived on just the student loan, as you probably know, the amount you get depends on your household income. I wanted to make the most of my university experience by getting involved as often as possible which often meant spending money although not large amounts but going bowling, cinema and eating out all adds up so I set out to get a job as soon as I arrived at Staffordshire.

The local shops employ lots of students and have people leave when they graduate so they need to replace them, meaning there are plenty of jobs available in September. If you already have a part time job you could consider a transfer. Pub chains and stores such as Matalan, Next and Boots offer transfers most of the time meaning you can swap stores during holiday periods.

Alton Towers are a big local employer and normally come along to our careers fair, which is held during Freshers week. Other employers attend this fair so it is well worth going to, to see what’s available.

My best recommendation would be to work within the university, they understand your course comes first and are very flexible with working hours. Our on-campus nightclub and eating venues employ and train new students every year.

The student ambassador scheme has been a huge part of my university experience. I have worked on a large variety events from Higher Education stands to showing primary school students around the university campus. They release a calendar each week so I choose which hours and days I want to work. Working is always a great way to meet new people and your colleagues become friends quickly. I present my Student life talk at open days which is a great skill to learn and use in any career, I wouldn’t have done this or improved my communication skills as much if I hadn’t have become a student ambassador during my first year.

There are also other part-time and temporary jobs that are advertised throughout the year such as cleaning the university, data collection and supporting various events on the campus.