Part Time Jobs at Uni

The combination of work and study can be stressful but it is a valuable experience.

During my first semester at Staffs, I didn’t have a part time job. I wasn’t in a rush looking for a part time job because I wanted to settle down and familiarise myself with this new environment. Towards the end of the first semester, I had the opportunity to be part of the student communication ambassador team – and now, I hold another job in Ember Lounge as well.

You might ask; “how is that possible to manage 2 jobs at the same time during studies?” It is all about balancing and time management. The combination of work and study can be stressful but it definitely is a valuable experience for me. Working as a student communication ambassador gives me the chance and teaches me to be a better content creator, while working as a bartender in Ember allows me to have a better understanding of the F&B industry.

Although I’m holding 2 jobs at the moment, both jobs don’t exceed more than 20hours/week. This is because of the condition of my visa. As an international student (Tier 4 Visa Holder), there’s working hours restriction. Therefore, I informed both HR departments of Student Union and Unitemps regarding my situation. I think it is important to let them know so they can help you to monitor the working hours but you should be the one who keeps track on it.

Whether you should have a part time job or not depends on you. I choose to have a part time job and I was lucky enough to have both jobs within Staffs Uni. Both jobs are perfect for me because of the flexibility and my employers are more understanding because I need to put studies as a priority.

Always remember, your studies are the priority as a student. Knowing the balance between both studies and work is very important.

Here’s the youtube link of my vlog about the benefits of having a part time job.


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