5 Things to do in Stoke-On-Trent – Burslem

There are six towns that make up the main body of Stoke-On-Trent. Stoke-Upon-Trent, Longton, Tunstall, Fenton, Hanley and the Mothertown, Burslem. Here’s a few things you can do while you’re out and about in Burslem!

Moorland Pottery

You can buy great mugs and crockery! You can also look around and see how the wonderful world of pottery comes about! The items for sale are adorned with local sayings, so you can brush up on your Stokie slang and grab a cuppa!

The Leopard

Come and see the potentially haunted house that spooks and scares! Get a ghost tour and some good grub while you’re there. Do you believe in ghosts? Either way, the Leopard may change your mind!

The Barewall Art Gallery 

If you’re into art, then this is the place to be! Barewall is chock-full of great art, primarily from local artists! So you can peruse and purchase some art to freshen up your accommodation and even try and get featured there yourself!

Football pitch

If you’re a good sport for sport, then head down the football pitch, where you can have casual games with friends, or sign up to the teams, for a more competitive experience! – There’s also a connected basketball court for youth leagues!

Kiln Works Climbing Centre

As well as this, there’s the rock climbing center in an old church, which just adds to the cool factor! Climb high and let off some steam!

Overall, as you can see Burslem is a great town, on the bounce back, with an amazing community, that are all contributing to its success and rise up, that you can be a part of!

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