Dissertation Blues

September 24, 2016 Richard Bretherick 1

There are two themes running through this blog: malaria and my upcoming dissertation. Regular readers of this blog (yes, both of you) know that malaria constitutes the entirety of my working life, and frequently renders […]

Richard negotiating with the local mayor

Summer is upon us

June 17, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

I’ve had a couple of weeks’ leave since my last blog. It was delightful to return to the UK and take a break from the crisis which has engulfed Central African Republic. I had attempted […]

Richard with villagers in Bepal

Mind Your Language

April 21, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

If you’re over 50 and reading this, you’ll definitely get the inference in the title. I’m not over 50 but I have dim memories of that 70’s sitcom. Why did I use that as the […]

Richard negotiating with local groups

Pressure: Then and Now

March 11, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

  I’ve been casting my eye over almost all the other blogs on the Staffs Uni blog page and I really am reminded of the pressures of being an undergrad. Postgrad student me is completely […]

Main thoroughfare in my new work location - Paoua

My Brain is Melting

March 4, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

This distance learning lark really can be quite hard in the hottest two months of the year in Central African Republic. I’m not the typical white Brit with a luminous forehead and scarlet shins, but […]

Aiden's students sitting down in Iraq

Introduction to Aiden

January 29, 2016 Aiden Wylie 0

A low rumble sounds through the January Erbil night.  A flash of light in the distance, followed by another low rumble.  But tonight it is not the lawnmower-like hum of a military drone, or the […]

Richard negotiating with the village chiefs

Between Semesters in Africa

January 19, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

The current blog finds me between distance learning semesters on the MA International Policy and Diplomacy. I recently completed the Global Policy Analysis module and will move on to my fourth and final guided module, […]

Richard walking through the destroyed Muslim quarter of Bocaranga

Introduction to Richard

January 6, 2016 Richard Bretherick 0

  This is my initial blog so requires plenty of introductions to my course, my working life, and how I combine the two. I’m currently in my second year of the MA International Policy and […]