Students Wanted for Psychology Project!

November 15, 2016 Drew 0

Every year, students across the country are plagued with what can only be described as a living nightmare… Final Year Dissertations! *thunder crack* via GIPHY Melodrama aside, I’m actually looking forward to tackling my project […]

Welcomed Back by Welcome Week

September 26, 2016 Drew 0

And what a week it was! Setting foot on campus again after a long summer, it felt like I had never left. Seeing all the familiar faces dotted around, it was hard to realise that […]

Man packing a car boot full of boxes and suitcases

Adjusting to Life After Uni…

July 21, 2016 Charlize 0

I’m officially back home and the word “weird” is definitely an understatement to how I’m feeling. I went to Uni with two suitcases and a couple bags with food and bedding etc and I’ve come […]

Dissertation? Completed it mate.

July 1, 2016 Emma 0

Finally after months of setting up interviews and praying it would work out: I completed my dissertation. It is the single most stressful, horrible, lengthy process ever. But when it’s done it is totally worth […]

Leek Road campus at Staffordshire University


May 27, 2016 Charlize 0

Summer is nearly officially here and I can’t wait! I’ve finished University and all I’ve got to look forward to for now is the celebrations. If you’re also finished please tell me I’m not the […]

Final Year Project – Behind Bars!

December 7, 2015 Emma 0

While most third years are stressing about their academic dissertation, I have a slightly more chilled time. Not saying that I have a totally easier ride than an academic essay, but being able to chose […]

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