Disability Support

Disability Support  

Unitemps are here for every student at Staffordshire University all year round. Working closely with the Student Support and Well-Being team, we employ Student Support Workers to work with students who may be facing difficulties while studying. Whether that be with their academic work or with their mental health, Unitemps are here to help.  

We offer students two main types of support whilst studying, working with a Specialist Mentor (ASC & Mental Health) or a Specialist Study Skills Tutor (ASC & SpLD) or both. 

Specialist Mentor (Mental Health & ASC) 

A Specialist Mentor will regularly support you with:  

  • Motivation and¬†setting¬†goals
  • Mindfulness and relaxation¬†
  • Managing expectations about appropriate levels of study¬†¬†
  • Creating appropriate study patterns¬†¬†
  • Finding the tools and mindset to achieve personal academic¬†goals¬†
  • Study-related stress or anxiety management¬†
  • Time management, organisational skills, and study/exam preparation skills¬†
  • Understanding your illness and managing symptoms, signs, and triggers

Specialist Study Skills Tutor (ASC & SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia)) 

A Specialist Study Skills Tutor will regularly support you with:  

  • Structuring essays and other written work¬†¬†
  • Critical and reflective thinking and research skills¬†¬†
  • Comprehension, summarising, referencing and notetaking¬†¬†
  • Developing and implementing proofreading strategies¬†¬†
  • Assisting with time management and other academic-related organisational skills¬†
  • Examination preparation/revision techniques¬†¬†
  • Understanding and implementing feedback from academic staff¬†

After University?  

When coming to the end of their studies and entering the world of work, we aim to maximise the student’s opportunities by working with our Careers Service and Student Support Team, offering extra guidance to ensure that they are fully equipped when applying for jobs.  


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The Careers Team can help with:¬†‚ÄėCV Preparation, Interview Skills Practice, LinkedIn Assistance, Confidence Building, Advice on Where to look for Job Opportunities, Placement Advice, The Value of Volunteering and more‚Ķ.‚Äô¬†



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