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The main aim for Research4Justice is to try to reduce miscarriages of justice by providing a central, subject-based research resource for any organisation working to provide justice to their community. The aim of the project is to increase:

  • Access to research undertaken in higher education institutions
  • Communication between organisations
  • Detection, recovery, analysis and interpretation of evidence
  • Value of evidence presented in court
  • Understanding of the capabilities and limitations within justice-related disciplines
  • Public confidence in scientific interpretation & justice processes.

Methods for Delivery

Delivery of these aims will be primarily achieved through the following methods:

  • Higher education providers depositing unpublished research outputs from undergraduate and postgraduate students into a searchable online database (repository)
  • Sharing an online researcher toolkit for justice system practitioners, academics, researchers and students to access resources relevant to research in their field.

Perceived Benefits

The perceived benefits of the Research4Justice resource are to provide:

  • Valuable and timely information to all users
  • Accessible and searchable online resources for all justice professionals
  • A central platform to form new collaborations between disciplines
  • Support for research and development to advance the justice system
  • Opportunities to create standardised research approaches
  • Insight into active research areas, identify research gaps and inspire new research.

By registering and using the Research4Justice repository, we will help to minimise unnecessary research repetition in both higher education and industry and instead network to build larger datasets for testing and discussion through new cross-collaborations.

Repository Research Outputs

Research outputs will be deposited from a range of subject areas relevant to justice system professionals across the world. Such outputs include, but are not limited to:

  • Posters
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Theses/dissertations
  • Video documentaries.

International Impact & Growth

The founders of Research4Justice need the support and input of all professionals aiming to provide justice to their communities. We ask you to share this website with colleagues, populate and use the repository and toolkit, providing us with feedback and case studies to help us understand how the resource is used and develop its provision for our users.

Launch Event

The Research4Justice website and initial Justice Toolkit was formally launched on 11th June 2018 at the FIT-IN Research Symposium. Version 1 of the Research4Justice repository of research outputs will be tested by pilot institutions during December 2018 and early 2019 for full release later in 2019. To support the continued provision and development of our open access resources, we will need financial support and sponsorship.

Contact us

Please visit the contact us page for more information. Also follow Research4Justice on Twitter by searching for @Res4Just and using #Research4Justice when sharing on social media.

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