Preparing Research Outputs

To help supervisors in higher education institutions prepare to evaluate whether student research outputs are suitable for uploading into the repository the following update has been written. This openly accessible document includes:

  • Repository briefing sheet for students
  • Example student consent form
  • Template for supervisors to populate or add to marking proformas to efficiently support deposition after marking.

Although this repository covers a broad range of subject areas, it is still subject-based and therefore, when identifying the research outputs for upload, please ensure:

  1. The research output has content, findings, recommendations and/or discussions that are relevant to those working in the justice system
  2. To comply with GDPR that came into force in the UK on 25th May 2018
    • The content of the research output uploaded contains no personally identifiable information (PII)
    • The names of the researcher/student and supervisor(s) MUST have given written permission to have their personal information publicly available
    • The written permissions should be uploaded and linked to the main research output, but these documents can have their own access permissions and thus remain ‘invisible’ to the internal community and/or open access
  3. The file(s) uploaded are of a format which cannot be easily altered, for example
    • Saved as a PDF rather than a Word or PowerPoint file
  4. If the file contains text, the text can be searched electronically, for example
    • Saved as an OCR enabled PDF not a scanned image.
  5. Although the main content of the research output can be uploaded in the authors’ primary spoken language, English is preferred where possible. To support searching of the repository however, it is vital that the title, keywords and abstract are written in English when completing the form during repository deposition.
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