The Research4Justice repository framework will contain three core components:

  • Repository: where electronic research outputs are uploaded/deposited, categorised, stored, searched and linked through digital identifiers, such as DOI
  • Preservation: which copies and maintains access to the deposited content and associated metadata in up-to-date file formats for 10 years; every time the deposit is accessed the 10 year timeframe resets to ensure future accessibility
  • Reporting: where the content depositors can monitor the use of their materials and Research4Justice founders can understand and evaluate the growth and impact of the repository, feeding key information back to the user community, sponsors and key stakeholders.

This framework is in the final stages of development by Jisc and they will continually maintain and develop the Research Data Shared Service (RDSS) framework for our community. More information about this service and how the framework could support Research Data Management for your own higher education institution can be found on their website and by contacting them directly.

To keep the research database free for the international user community, the funding and financial support that Research4Justice needs from August 2019 is to cover:

  • Costs associated with the storage and preservation of the repository content
  • Maintenance and development of the data service and reporting metrics
  • Continued technical support that Jisc will provide for our community.

The annual cost for the service will be tiered depending on our storage requirements and will be finalised later in 2018, but is anticipated to be approx. £15,000.

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