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Research4Justice is a not-for-profit project, currently in the stages of development and growth. Numerous higher education and justice professionals are voluntarily working to advance and support the development and population of this resource for the benefit of the justice system. As a result, only the Jisc Helpdesk email is monitored daily to support repository technical enquiries. All other email addresses are monitored less frequently.

User Testimonials

If you have had a positive experience in using the repository, please send us a brief testimonial to with your name, job/degree title and organisation you are affiliated with, letting us know:

  • What you liked about our website, the Research4Justice repository and/or wider toolkit (the resource)
  • How you specifically have used the resource
  • Whether you have recommended this resource to others
  • The type of individuals you have recommended this website to
  • The country these individuals are based.

Examples of how you have used the research and/or toolkit could include:

  • To network with researchers internationally
  • To assess gaps in the research
  • To compare your research findings with others’
  • To initiate collaborative research
  • To identify new areas of research
  • For use in court


The technical product development, maintenance and technical support of the Research4Justice repository (hyperlink to follow in due course) is currently being provided by Jisc for free (no fee) until the completion of the initial Research Data Shared Service product development in Summer 2019.

From Summer 2019, the Research4Justice user community will need to raise the money to cover the annual cost of maintaining the repository, storing content and continuous repository development. The annual costing is estimated at £15,000 (exact figure to be confirmed by November 2018).

To ensure the future of Research4Justice and provision of free registration for all individual end users (including students, academics, researchers and justice professionals) we call for organisations to provide some financial support for Research4Justice through sponsorship.

Any sponsor who financially contributes to the Research4Justice project will be named and their logo presented on the Sponsors page. Sponsorship contributions will remain confidential with the order of the logos presented based on the date the contribution was made (earliest sponsorship first). The size of the logo will be standardised as far as possible and does not reflect the level of financial support.

If you are interested in sponsoring Research4Justice from Summer 2019, please contact us using The greater the number of sponsors per year, the smaller the contribution required from each individual organisation.

Repository – Registering Interest

The Research4Justice repository is still under development and is due to go live later in 2018. Before you can deposit student research into the repository your Higher Education Institution will need to sign an Agreement with Jisc so that you can be granted deposition and reporting rights.

Therefore, if you are a member of staff at a Higher Education Institution, please email Dr Rachel Bolton-King to register your interest in becoming a depositing organisation and be provided with more information as soon as this is available. It is intended that agreements can be distributed and signed over the next few months, prior to the repository going live.

Repository Technical Enquiries

Assistance with searching, depositing, downloading and using content in the Research4Justice repository can be accessed through our help pages and FAQs.

To access the full content of the repository you need to register (free) as a Research4Justice repository user (link will be added when the repository goes live later in 2018).

Any technical enquiries related to logging in and accessing the Research4Justice repository should be made directly to Jisc using

Website & Toolkit Feedback

As founders of the repository, we request feedback from all members of the current and future user community to improve the information and toolkit we provide.

To contact us with constructive feedback about the aspects of this resource you would like to improve, please email us at with an explanation of why you would like this improved and how we could provide this.

If you would like us to provide a link to a resource within our toolkit, please email the information and a very brief summary of the resource (similar to those already provided on the toolkit page).

Alternatively, if you find a broken link or an error within the content of the website, please complete the form below detailing the URL of the page containing the issue:

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