Making your room at uni more personal

Standard AccommodationEmpty standard room in Stafford accommodationRecently I moved into a new room for the summer whilst everyone was moving back home. And soon for you guys who are moving to halls, you will be faced with an empty room, and this is an opportunity to make it your own.

I thought I would go into a bit of detail on how I made my room more personal, and some of the things you can get to make halls feel a bit like home.

Empty desk in accommodation

Posters in Accommodation RoomIn my opinion, posters are a great way to make your room more personal, because you can get posters of things you like. I am a bit of a child on the inside and still watch cartoons, hence the Adventure Time Poster. The Dan & Phil poster are of myfavourite youtubers, again showing my interests and personality. Posters are also a great talking point once you start making friends inyour halls because you can find someone who has the same interests as you. Posters are pretty cheap, especially if you get them online, or Forbidden Planet which has some amazing posters!

Books are a great thing to bring at uni, as they are also a great conversation starter. I have to admit I haven’t had the time to read many books, but that is something to do when you have got a bit of spare time at uni. I love meeting people that enjoy books that I do, and there is nothing better than just getting lost in a book!
Shelves in AccommodationOn this cupboard are things that all have a sentimental meaning. Little things to add to your room can include a teddy bear, especially one that holds a special memory. I also have special playing cards, mine being Bleach playing cards, and they also are very special to me. The Polaroid camera was a birthday present for a very special friend, and I think it looks nice in my room. I also have my sunglasses stash, and my special Beyonce album! All I am trying to say is that it’s nice to have things in your room that have a special place in your heart, and also make your room nice to look at.
Pictures of HomeIf there is one way to make your room totally personal, then it is pictures. The pictures in my room all capture special memories from my friends and family back home, and they make me feel happy. So even if you don’t have a polaroid camera, I would recommend printing of a load of pictures and placing them around your room! I just love pictures so much! You can also print pictures of things you like and place them around your room, as long as it makes you happy and settled.

I hope these tips will help you in deciding what to bring to uni, and will give you some ideas on how to make your room more homely.


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