A New Year…

Freshers week is pretty much officially over and lectures begin next week! (Yay) You’d think after two years of being at University I would be used to leaving my Mum and Sisters but it still upsets me because my Mum got really upset as my older sister has moved out due to getting married and I’ve left to go back to University so it’s just a bit much for her. For those of you starting University for the first time I’m sure most of you will be feeling homesick for the first couple weeks or months but it will get better once you settle in and make some friends.

Last year I was living in a house with some friends but this year I decided I wanted a change and moved into halls again (Lomax this time). Living independently has it’s ups and downs; you can get more used to responsibility and for those of you who aren’t very good with cooking or cleaning, University definitely helps with that as you won’t have any cleaners doing the work for you! In first year I did struggle as I only did chores at home but wasn’t interested in cooking so I was constantly phoning my mum asking her how to cook certain things that I liked and being the great mother she is she helped of course :). Two years in and I’m much more independent and it makes us realise how much we depended on our parents.

Being away from Stoke for so long, I started to miss it as it’s very different to London; more peaceful and people are much more friendly. I didn’t miss lectures (lol) but I did miss my friends and the environment and it feels very weird to be back as I got too used to being at home but I’ll settle in quickly.

This year I’m looking forward to going back to placement, although it leaves me exhausted I love working with children and seeing how quickly they develop and the connections they build with me and the other staff. I am definitely not looking forward to writing my dissertation but it will all be worth it in the end when I graduate! (Again) What are you guys looking forward to this year?