First Dates

Couple eating food together in a restaurantMany of us dread first dates and during your time at University; you may or may not have a few of these. When it comes to first dates we usually think of the typical restaurant and cinema type dates but this gives you less talking time and prevents you from getting to know each other properly.

Activity dates help to avoid those awkward silences and allows you to relax and have fun as well as getting to know your date. Here are some ideas of where to go on a first date:

1. Bowling- If you’re competitive this can either be a win or lose situation depending on how you take losing as someone HAS to lose (unless you draw). Bowling is very casual and you can sit down and share some snacks while you’re getting to know one another.

[Not far from campus there is Tenpin in Fesitval Park]

2. Art Galleries- If you and your date are the type of people who love art or you just appreciate seeing the beauty in things an art gallery is a great place for a first date and you can get to know each others tastes as well as having discussions about the different art pieces while you browse the gallery.

[There’s loads of art galleries within walking distance of campus]

3. Comedy Show- Everyone loves to have a laugh and if your date doesn’t then maybe they’re just not the one! A comedy show is a great place to go for a first date as a sense of humour is very important to some people (including me!) so this could be a great atmosphere to test the type of sense of humour your date has and enjoy some drinks at the same time.

[With comedy clubs available on campus and in the local area there’s loads to choose from]

There are many different activities and places to go on a first date but these are just a few if you’re lost on ideas. So go out and have some fun!