An Introverts Guide To Freshers…

Not all of us want to go out and get drunk each night and I know that before I started university I was terrified about the thought of Freshers Week and the pressures to go out and experience life as much as possible. I had worked myself up into a horrible mess over it and I wanted to give you a guide to Freshers Week if you have no interest in going out!

  • Nobody Cares If You Don’t Go Out:

I was terrified that my flat mates would find me boring if I didn’t go out. I thought I would be instantly isolated in the flat for being boring and I would end up not making any friends at all. The idea of going out terrifies me and so I made the decision to pass on going to a couple of nights out at clubs with my flat mates. They didn’t judge me, they accepted my answer and we even had a night in, where we pulled our comfy clothes on and took our pillows and blankets into the hallway and spent the night talking and playing card games.

Students on a night out in VerveAfter a while the thrill of going out wore off and now my flat mates and I regularly spend the nights in the hallway playing games and talking! They haven’t judged me because I didn’t want to go out. They’ve been really understanding and it’s been nice to still get to hang out with them and have our fun instead! That doesn’t mean I haven’t gone out though because I thought I should give everything a go and went to the LRV and Verve for OMG’s (the student radio station) Transmission event, which was live acts in the LRV. It was a fun night and helped me talk to the OMG team and also have a night out with my flat and my classmates!Rebecca and friend making their hair look like mustaches


  • Make Your Room YOURS: 

I don’t think I would have felt as settled in to my dorm room if I hadn’t personalised it with things that remind me of home! In the future I will show you what little touches I used to make my room mine but look into photos of your family and things you love! Posters cover those nasty plain walls and little words of wisdom scattered round the room can really help keep you focused! Bring things from your bedroom to make it feel like normal like Cd’s or DVD’s (or in my case my favourite books as well!). Your parents can always take things home so take things that you would want to personalise your room! It gets rid of the homesickness in the first week if you have some of your home comforts in view in your bed!

  • Try some new things:

I am very anti-social and dreaded the move to uni but I have tried to give new things ago! It can be difficult to do new things that you are unsure about and even if you try them once and don’t like them at least you can say you’ve given it a go! I try super hard to socialise in my flat whether that be just sitting in the kitchen or going for a walk I try to make the conscious effort to hang out with them. Meeting new people can be scary for anyone but you will feel better for not sitting in your room all day and your flat mates will be far more understanding about you disappearing to your room for a few hours!


I never thought I could do university and freshers but if brave it, I am sure your new flatmates will understand!

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