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I feel as though the twelve weeks I have been at Staffs and the three open days I have been a part of qualify me as enough of an expert to talk a little bit about the uni. I looked at lots of univerities too and it can be a daunting process. So after Novembers Open Day I was inspired to tell you some of the things I love about Staffordshire University (I’ve been telling prospective students this all day, so I thought I would share some of my wisdom.)

The tutors here are incredible. The pastoral care that my tutors supply is phenomanal. With the multiple universities I looked around, I never found tutors so passionate and caring than those at Staffs. My teachers are incredibly wonderful and almost like second parents. I know that I can go to them with any issues I have and that they will sit and listen and help me in the best way they can. My lovely tutor Helen has been my hero and I don’t think I would still be here if it wasn’t for her. I know that I can email her at any time and the support I will receive is better than I ever had at any other educational institution I have been in.

Your tutors will be the ones helping you through your course and it’s really important to find that in a university. I have so many ways of contacting my tutors and a level of understanding and respect that I found other tutors not to have at all. Staffs has incredible people to support you and that was a really important to me when picking my university.

The radio production course at Staffs is incredible also. After looking around multiple universities and seeing what standards they had, I knew Staffs was the one for me. The equipment is up to date, industry standard and we are in the studios from day one. I have been here eight weeks and I think the only time I wasn’t in the studios was when I went home for reading/employability week. Our course is so hands on and I love being able to learn how to work the equipment so early on into the course.

Within two weeks of starting I was trained and ready to be able to book out equipment and be out and practically learning how to use equipment. The media stores at Staffs have SO MUCH equipment and once you have been trained, you are able to borrow and use the equipment as much as you like.

In terms of moving away from home, it’s rather scary at first but it becomes almost second nature. I’ve seen worried parents panicking about their children leaving for university and asking more questions about life than their children. I’m not a drinker and I don’t like to go out but the uni is incredibly safe. Living in Clarice, there are people patrolling the path to the uni at random times (so that they can’t be tracked and used to take advantage).  We have Union Angels who can also help you get home if you are a little tipsy (we will say…) and need some help to get back.

Everything has been thought about, from what I have said above to the Student Enabling Centre, where anyone is able to walk in if they need too. It can be a struggle to move away from home but at Staffs you are very much made to feel like you are looked after and cared about but also giving you enough freedom to finally be away from home.

I know I have only been at university for twelve weeks but this was honestly one of the best choices I have ever made and I cannot wait to see where the next three years of my education will lead me!

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