An Open Letter to Everyone

Jaz and Rebecca in LRV

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams”


There comes a time in your life where you have the opportunity to choose the path in life that you want to follow.

For many people across the world including myself, that can be very hard. You have to sit down and think carefully of what you want to achieve with your life. I just want to tell you simply that ‘Do what you want to do’. Simple. Just that. I am not going to give you a step by step guide to how to live your own life. That would be pointless.

I grew up firmly believing that I’d fall under the trap of not succeeding in life. I have been put down by so many people, but I fought back. I knew that I could do anything I’d choose to do. My maths teacher at secondary school told me straight to my face that ‘Jaspreet, you’re never going to get into college’. What did I do? I worked my way through school, got into college and now… here I am. Sitting at university. In some way, I am thankful of what he had said.

Somebody recently told me that in life ‘It’s not the destination that matters, it’s the journey’. A saying that has stayed with me for a quite a while. I did attend a university before I came to Staffordshire. I decided that the course wasn’t for me and was on the verge of quitting altogether when I realized one day that, this was my life and I wanted to fulfil it to my full potential.

It saddens me that in the world we live in today, there are so many bright people who give up on their dreams due to the circumstances of negativity and put downs they face due to others.

This is a time for us to realize that we can achieve anything if we just get up and try. I know this may sound cheesy and even I can’t believe I’m using this phrase but ‘YOLO’. I know that for too maJaz and Rebecca in LRVny people in this world that it can be difficult to comprehend and sometimes you just want to give up and go home, but remember that even though we live in a dark world, there are people out there who are willing to help you and listen to you. You may not know it, and some of you may not believe it but it is true. I can guarantee you that.

I write this as a reminder that YOU are wonderful and that YOU can achieve anything that YOU want in this world.


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