2016 – What does it hold for me ?

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So just like 2015, 2016 holds many more challenges, adventures and obstacles for myself! Some are ones I will share with others, some will be personal and some are ones I look forward to. So I just thought before I get back to education and knuckling down, as people describe it, I’d share with you what 2016 holds for me.

So first, the challenges, and the first and very main one for me this year is passing my first year at university. This is one I’m very focused on, with great high scores in my first of 4 maths exams and good scores on my first assignments, things are looking very positive! I hope to carry on this positive stride into this year and pass my first year with flying colours! I know it won’t be easy and it’s going to take hard work but I know it’ll all be worth it on results day! Another challenge will also be an adventure, my second year university with more growing up to do! I’m moving out of halls and into a house which is a big step in itself. One which I plan to tell you more about in a later post. A new challenge will be seeing how my second year contrasts to my first year, will it be tougher, more intense, more practical or all three? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out!

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I’ve set myself a few challenges/aspirations for 2016, that I’d like to do and see myself achieve before the year is out…
• Experience and take part in scare acting, for those of you who haven’t guessed it’s those people who jump out at you when you go in scare mazes at scare parks or theme parks around Halloween. This is something I’ve always fancied doing but this year it’s possible and I plan to push myself to do it!
• Be a better me. By this I mean be more friendly because at times I can be grouchy and off with people for no reason, so this year I’d like to alleviate that and just be a better, happier person. You only get one shot at life why spend it being moody?! Included in that also is to be healthier too! (Cliché January goal I know) But this means doing more exercise and be more out-going than I used to be and get back into the shape that I was when I was training as a gymnast 3/4 times a week!
• Do more things I want to do. It may sound selfish however for most of my life, after reflecting, I’ve found I have done a lot for others perhaps at the sacrifice of my own desires. So this year I want to push myself to do more of what I’d like! Such as going to more football matches, see and go places I’ve always fancied going to and special events I’ve perhaps missed out on in the past. This is the year of me!

This is just me but I hope reading my goals gives you something to think about. If you haven’t yet, try setting some goals or achievements for yourself as it’ll give you something to reflect on at the end of the year. Personal goals I find are always the hardest because we as humans tend to find it easier to let ourselves down rather than others down! So in a way, personal goals are the most rewarding because they take a lot more determination and focus. Do it…go on!

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