E3 Mania!

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E3 is the latest craze everyone is talking about… well gamers especially.

To those that are reading this blog and seem confused and asking themselves questions like ‘What on Earth is E3?’ or ‘Isn’t E3 a drug and if it is… where can I get it?’ then don’t worry my friends, I shall explain all. Oh, and no.. I am not going to tell you where you can buy drugs, ya rapscallion!.

E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo and while that may sound like the most boring name you have ever heard then I beseech to you that it’s quite the opposite. E3 is an Expo that is held in California every year for the last 21 years during summer and is mainly comprised of video game publishers showcasing their latest projects and upcoming hardware for bedazzled fans.

While as I write this, the E3 conference is still going on… I wanted to give you quick bullet point highlights of what has been announced this year so far!

  • EA has announced new plans for their Star Wars Battlefront game, including expansion packs and a brand new Star Wars game due to come out in 2018. Other titles planned consisted glimpses of Titanfall 2 and the upcoming Battlefield 1 which is set during WW2.
  • Sony shook their audiences to the core with their trailers for upcoming titles such as ‘God of War’, ‘Detroit: Becoming Human’, ‘Final Fantasy XV’, ‘Batman Arkham’, ‘Death Stranding’, ‘Days Gone’, and ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’. Sony also excited VR fans with an upcoming Star Wars virtual experience and announced October 25th for the release of ‘The Last Guardian’.
  • Bethesda games who have brought us famous game franchises ‘The Elder Scrolls’ and ‘Fallout’ have announced a remaster of the 2011 role playing game Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which will be released  in October as well as three expansion packs for Fallout 4. There was also a brand new glimpse at Dishonored 2.
  • Computer giant Microsoft have confirmed plans for a more slimmer and elegant version of XBOX One entitled the XBOX One Slim to be released in August, which is currently boasting about its support for full 4K quality games. The other big news from Microsoft is regarding a top secret project entitled ‘Project Scorpio’ which promises that beside being able to support 4K gaming, improved GPU performance, it will also be able to run games for VR (virtual reality) glasses. Something that Sony had confirmed for its own console a short while back. Microsoft also captivated their audiences with glimpses of upcoming games, brand new Gears of War title, a sequel to State of Decay, ReCore and Sea of Thieves while also announcing that there will be Dead Rising 4.
  • Ubisoft released gamplay from their upcoming titles ‘Watch Dogs 2’, ‘Ghost Recon Wildlands’, ‘For Honor’ and ‘Steep’. Also announced by the gaming giant were ‘Star Trek: Bridge Crew’ which was a game especially designed for VR and a new expansion for The Division.
  • Famous gaming giant Nintendo gave fans a first look at a brand new Zelda game entitled ‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’, more details and footage regarding their latest Pokemon instalment entitled ‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’. As well as that they also gave everyone glimpses of a brand new Amiibo.

It’s all still kicking off, so if you managed to miss any of the E3 conferences then you can re-live the event via IGN on YouTube:-


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