Snow on the mound and the Law School in the sun behindYou’ll have only missed this if you were living under a rock last week, or were revising for exams (which is pretty much the same thing) but it has been snowing!

Snow on College Road campusPersonally I’m not a huge fan of snow, Bambi on ice comes to mind, but the University did look very pretty being covered in white.

Unfortunately this also can mean that we students, who aren’t in halls, spend the time freezing and debating turning the heating on.

A lot of the time last year my housemates and I had the pain of having to use a gas card, which meant we had to go out and freeze to stop freezing at home.

With being at risk of using too much to heat the house, most of the time we just wrap up warm and hope that we warm up soon.

When choosing your house to live in either for one or two years, keeping an eye on if bills are included is an important factor.

At this time of year it can be really easy to go over on energy to keep the house warm, if certain lev
els are capped, and be in for a nasty surprise when the bills come in at the end of it.

Snow on Leek Road outside the science centreOne way to avoid huge charges it so set a timer on the boiler, so you know exactly how much that is being used.

Invest in some warm clothes and hot water bottle and wrap up to keep warm and avoid the colds that come with refreshers!



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