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The movies – My top 3 picks

2016 is a huge year for movies filled with huge blockbusters, romance and comedies this year really has it all! In this post I’m going to take a look at five films I’m most looking forward to this year. First I’d like to just share my love for Deadpool and how much of a great movie it is, if you haven’t seen this film yet and you love marvel, action or are just in the mood for a good adult laugh go see it!

Number one: 

The top film to go see this year for me would have to be Suicide Squad, it is one of the most highly anticipated films of the year. The hype for this film has gone from strength to strength, when it was initially released that it was being made it was everything DC fans had been waiting for, all the characters you love to hate in one film. Then the cast was released Margo Robbie as Harlequinn, Will Smith as Deadshot and Cara Delevingne as the
Enchantress but most notably was Jarred Letto as the Joker and every one stipulated what he would bring to his interpretation of the character. Finally the studios released the trailer everybody lost there minds! Personally I watched it 5 or 6 times just to take everything in but all I could do was hang on every word of The joker “I’m not ganna kill you…I’m just going to hurt you….really really bad”
This film has the potential to be the best DC film of all time and a true fan favourite because it has something for everything, action, hot bad girls and a crocodile for the animal lovers! Coming August

Number Two: 

Perhaps the most secretive release of the year because most people I’ve spoken to didn’t even know it was coming out but it is and well everyone should be excited! Ghostbusters 3 but not as we know it. I’m sure most will agree ghostbusters is perhaps one of the best film franchises to come from the 80’s, but this re-boot will see a complete over haul with 4 females playing the lead instead of 4 males! With Melissa Mc Carthy starring it is bound to be hilarious. Not much is known about this release, there isn’t even a trailer yet but Bill Murray wouldn’t be popping up in it if he thought this one was going to ruin the first two.
Due to be released July

Number Three:

Now you see me 2, if you saw the first one I really shouldn’t have to sell this film to you, this one is bound to be full of thought provoking tricks and illusions as well as an under lying story with all to be revealed at the end. The only notable point from the trailer for this film is it’s missing Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenbergs love interest from the first, hopefully her absence will be explained and not just ignored. Joining the cast this time around is Daniel Radcliffe so it’s sure to attract the Daniel fan girls. I’d have to say this film will be one of those you’ll have to watch 2 or 3 times to take it all in and have those ohh that’s why that happened moments.
Coming July


2016 really is full of amazing cinema with plenty of highly anticipated Disney releases like Finding Dory, Tarzan and real life Jungle Book, video games turned movies like Warcraft or Assassins Creed and plenty of comedies such as Bad neighbours 2, Ice Age and out now Ride Along 2! So be prepared to be lured to the cinema plenty of times this year!

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