Will they know I’ve come through Clearing?

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Who’s going to know that I’ve come through Clearing? Other students, staff, lecturers? Friends, family, old teachers?

The truth is that it’s up to you: no one will know that you came through Clearing unless you tell them. This might sound harsh, but no one really cares – you’ve made it into university. OK I’m writing this from my personal experience and I can’t comment on other universities, but here it’s not a problem.

I came through Clearing and I wondered if there was a difference. would my ID say ‘Clearing’ or would I be in different lectures to others who had done the traditional UCAS route? The truth is everyone’s treated equally. We were all given timetables, and shown around, we all had the same library introduction and had the same ID badges.

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Other than the academic you talk to on the phone I’m not even sure if the rest of the faculty staff know! They’re all really positive and seem genuinely happy that you and everyone else are there. No one puts you on the spot and asks you to divulge how you came to be at Staffordshire University either. It’s up to you who and when you tell people.

As time went on though I learnt some other people from my course had come via the Clearing route, with a variety of reasons. From grades, to course change – politics to health and social care – then career change like me, but when you’re sitting eating lunch, laughing and chatting with your ‘peers’ (can I use that word at my age?) no one really minds why or how you are here, just that you are and you’re all having fun at that moment.

All the lectures and modules are the same. Everyone is treated equal. Whether you came through Clearing or had a confirmed place at aged 10, it’s all pitched at the same level. If you want or need help the lecturers and other staff can help you or sign post you. But that’s your responsibility to sort out – coming via Clearing is not a reason or excuse!

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I think it’s ‘stigma’ around Clearing that makes a person feel paranoid and un-comfy. Nothing else!

My advice, if you are considering or thinking about it is do it, make that call to Clearing. If you’re not that brave yet send them an email and one of our Clearing Experts will reply to you. Clearing is not the end of something or a last resort. It is just the beginning! For those who think badly of Clearing just think, you don’t know if that professional came through Clearing or not. It doesn’t change the job or education they receive…..it just helps to grow them!

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