How we prepare for Clearing

Clearing hotline opening times from 19-08-16

Everyone at Staffordshire University is treated equally and valued the same. Clearing is taken extremely serious here. So whilst people coming through it may think it’s because they aren’t as good as others we don’t!

staff members receiving training for clearing

In fact it is that serious everyone involved in the process is given specific training before they can work through Clearing. This includes all the student ambassadors, admissions and academics! So at Staffordshire University we know the quality of your education is top from initial contact with us whatever your route. And this year, with guaranteed accommodation, training is even more in depth.

Coming through Clearing last year I can say the whole experience was made so easy by the university – it was me complicating things with nerves.  And no wonder with all the training and on hand support given to everyone.

clearing experts ready for calls in their pyjama's during the night shift

This year our Clearing lines are open for longer than ever – so Staffordshire University are there at any time. This is the level of support given to people from day one. And everyone calling us will speak to an academic in a subject area for that added personal touch about the course.

Staff are already here busy dealing with enquirers and getting students onto courses, but we expect it to get a lot busier!

Clearing hotline opening times from 19-08-16

So if you are worried about anything, fancy changing course, or university, or just want to take your life in a whole new direction then give us a call on 0800 590 830. It was certainly one of the best things I have done in my life

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